Henriette Poltzien


in God

Henriette Poltzien née Puschke

born 29 June 1838

died 24 Septbr. 1871


Henriette Poltzien, baptized as Rosalie Heinriette Puschke, was a daughter of the teacher Friedrich Puschke and his wife Louise, who were buried in the cemetery of Groß Steinort. She married carpenter Carl Poltzien on 19 August 1864. She had five children with him between 1865 and 1870. The circumstances of her death are somewhat mysterious. The grave cross indicates 24 September 1871 as the date of death, while the death register of the parish indicates 24 October. In addition, the age of the deceased is not given as 33, but as 40. To top it all off, the birth register lists a son with Carl Poltzien in 1878. Apparently, in view of the multitude of Poltziens, the pastor keeping the register probably got confused.[1]