Louise Puschke

Here rests

in God



born 30 November 1809 died January 25 


Louise Bartsch’s father was an “officer of the accise”, i.e. he was entrusted with the collection and control of indirect taxes for the Prussian state.[1] Probably on October 17, 1834 Louise married the young teacher Friedrich Puschke in the church of Rosengarten.[2] In 1835 the eldest daughter Pauline Adelheid was born. Pauline married the master carpenter Carl Poltzien,[3] with whom she is also buried in the cemetery of Groß Steinort. During the next years Louise gave birth to the children Louise Emilie, (Rosalie) He(i)nriette, Anna Maria, Friedrich and Albert Ferdinand.[4] Henriette died in 1871, and she is also buried in the cemetery of Groß Steinort. She was probably the first wife of carpenter Carl Poltzien, who married her sister Pauline after her death in second marriage. Nothing else is known about the other four siblings, perhaps they died early. In 1846 and 1848 the sons Carl Ludwig and Heinrich Theodor were born. Both were named conscripts in the Angerburger Kreisblatt in the late 1860s.[5] The last son, Richard Franz, who was born in 1853, succeeded his father as a teacher in Groß Steinort after the fathers death in 1874. He, too, is buried in the local cemetery.

Louise survived her husband by 15 years. She died in Groß Steinort, where she was buried next to him.[6]

[2] https://ofb.genealogy.net/famreport.php?ofb=rosengarten&ID=2-I62995&lang=de (die hier stehende Datierung auf 1824 muss ein Verschreiber sein: Die Braut wäre dann 14, der Bräutigam erst 13 Jahre alt gewesen. Zudem wurde das erste gemeinsame Kind 1835 geboren).