Groß Steinort cemetery

The Groß Steinort cemetery is located in the north of Masuria on a narrow piece of land between the Steinorter and the Dargeimer lakes (Jezioro Sztynorckie and Jezioro Dargin), about 20 km southeast of the district town of Węgorzewo (formerly Angerburg). Its appearance is shaped by the mausoleum of the Counts von Lehndorff, who owned the Steinort estate for around 450 years.

After extensive clean-up and conservation work at the end of August and beginning of September 2020, it is in an attractive condition again. 107 grave sites could be found there. Over 50 of the people buried there could be identified by name and their life stories reconstructed. Among them are primarily numerous farm and forest workers, but also the long-established Steinort teacher dynasty Puschke and the innkeeper and pottery family Sensfuss.

northern entrance to the cemetery today
northern entrance to the cemetery before 1945

Copyright: Archiv der Kreisgemeinschaft Angerburg

List of graves