Forgotten cemeteries in Masuria

Cemetery Dziadowen/Königstal/Dziadowo 2019

Copyright: Daniel Raboldt

Forgotten cemeteries in Masuria – cultural heritage of the Masurian people

“Forgotten Cemeteries in Masuria” is a website dealing with the cultural heritage of the Masurian population in what today is north-eastern Poland, and until 1945 has been the southern half of German East Prussia. This page documents research and projects that deal with the old Protestant cemeteries in the Masurian region.

“Forgotten Cemeteries in Masuria” is a cooperation project of the Chair of Modern History at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Warmian-Masurian University in Allenstein/Olsztyn and the Borussia Foundation in Allenstein/Olsztyn. The website was originally initiated by Dr. Sabine Grabowski and the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Haus Foundation/German-Eastern European Forum in Düsseldorf.

The project aims to contribute to the joint German-Polish cultural heritage in the European border region of Masuria by documenting the (re)discovery and maintenance of the old Masurian cemeteries. In addition, it tries to find out as many things as possible about the people who lived and were buried there until World War II.

Interactive map

During the work on the cemeteries, numbers were attached to the individual graves for surveying purposes, but these have since been removed. Therefore the numbering of the graves on this map is only supposed for better orientation in the cemetery.

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Documentary (YouTube): Im Rücken der Geschichte – Die verlorenen Dörfer von Masuren
In collaboration with director Daniel Raboldt and Nocturnus Film AG, the documentary „Im Rücken der Geschichte – Die verlorenen Dörfer von Masuren“ was produced and premiered in 2018. In 2019, it also received the award for best international documentary at the Polish International Film Festival.