Minna Mensch

Minna Mensch née Bogdan

* 1.10.1867   † 10.10.1930

Minna Bogdan’s origins are unclear. There were few Bogdans in the area around Steinort, most of them children or grandchildren of Friedrich Bogdan, who died in 1935 at the age of 72, and his wife Maria

neé Zochanski. Perhaps Friedrich Bogdan was Minna’s younger brother.[1] Minna married Franz Mensch, the inspector of the Lehndorff’s estate in Groß Steinort, who is buried next to her. A common son of Franz and Minna was probably Emil Mensch, in 1892 a hunter’s apprentice in Mittenort. In 1902/03 he had been promoted to forest supervisor in Groß Steinort.[2] Maria Mensch, who in 1928 married Walter Hindenberg, the accountant at Groß Steinort, with whom she still lived there in 1945 and had five sons, may have been a granddaughter of Minna Mensch.[3]