Anneliese Stryso

Copyright: Marta Akincza

Here rests in God

our dear daughter

Anneliese Stryso

* 25.1.1917

† 10.9.1937

The grave of Anneliese Stryso is located in the center of the cemetery, to the right of the main path. The upper part of the grave border and the gravestone are made of black terrazzo. Both the border and the gravestone are well preserved and made of a high quality material.

Only little is known about the life of the Stryso family in Wilken. The cottager August Stryso had three children with his wife Marie: Rudolf, Gertrud and Erika.[1] Rudolf was born in 1914. Anneliese is probably the fourth child of the family and Rudolf’s younger sister. She died at the age of 20. Rudolf Stryso served as a soldier in World War II. He was missing in action at the end of the war, and the family received the last news of him at Christmas 1944. The rest of the family lived near Stuttgart after the escape.[2]

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