nine German soldiers

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Füst. Hubert Erdmann 9th Comp. Res. Inft. Rgt. 262.

Füst. Johann Ebert 9th Comp. Res. Inft. Rgt. 262.

Grend. Max Lischko 3rd Comp. Res. Inft. Rgt. 262.

Ers. Res. Bruno Ludewig 1st Comp. Res. Inft. Rgt. 262.

Grend. Soren Moller 1st Comp. Res. Inft. Rgt. 262.

and 4 unknown German warriors

† 9.2.1915

In grave No. 5 nine German soldiers were buried. Of five of them the names are still known, the identity of the other four could not be clarified before burial. All of them died on February 9, 1915 during the winter battle in Masuria. Three months earlier, in November 1914, the Russian army had invaded Masuria for the second time. In the Masurian Winter Battle from February 7 to 21, the Russian army was finally pushed back. Masuria was no longer a battle zone for the rest of the First World War. However, the battles in the preceding months had left great destruction, from which the country suffered for a long time.[1]


[1] Cf. Andreas Kossert: Masuren. Ostpreußens vergessener Süden, 5th edition, Munich 2006, p. 233 – 239.