Margarete Jakubzik

Copyright: Emilia Bajerowska







† 7.7.1926.


Margarete Jakubzik drowned at the age of 13, probably in the Pissek River.[1] It is not clear today who her parents were – in the death register she was listed as “owner’s daughter” [2]. Possibly it was the landlord Johann Jakubzik and his wife Auguste, née Karkoska. Johann Jakubzik lost not only his first wife who was also named Auguste, but was a née Pissowotzki [3], but also by 1911 seven children – all of infancy.[4]

There was, however, another Johann Jakubzik who was married to Wilhelmine, née Szesny.[5] The two had a son named Ewald born in 1915 [6] and thus may also have been Margaret’s parents. Conclusively, this cannot be reconstructed from today’s point of view.


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