Friedrich Salewski

Fr. Salewski


Copyright: Sabine Grabowski

Friedrich Salewski was the husband of Katharina Salewski. Their gravestones are not directly next to each other, but not far away from each other, on the left part of the cemetery. Both gravestones are rather simple designed, rounded and show beside the initials of the first name only the last name and the year of death. They are the only ones in the cemetery in Klein Pasken that are designed this way.

Friedrich and Katharina Salewski signed a contract of sale with Samuel Salewski in 1852, but he kept owing them at least a part of the purchase price. The debt was recorded in the land register [1] and was not cancelled until 1886 along with the Ausgedinge [2] for Frederick and Katharina.[3] By that time, the two had been dead for eighteen and eight years, respectively. Katharina died on September 22, 1878,[4] ten years after Frederick’s death. Whether Samuel Salewski was a son of the two or belonged to another family cannot be reconstructed today. There were several families with this surname in the village.[5] A Salewski family was first recorded in Klein Pasken in 1787 [6], people with this name lived in the village continuously until 1945.[7]

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