Wilhelm Sensfuß

Pottery seal from the workshop of Gustav Sensfuss, Groß Steinort (owned by Pawel Piotr Szymanski, potter in Kamionek Wielki)





Rest gently!

(Friedrich) Wilhelm Sensfuss was one of at least twelve children of his father of the same name. His parents are also buried in the cemetery of Groß Steinort.[1] Sensfuss senior had married Carolina Wolf, whose father was a miller, in 1850.[2] Several of Wilhelm´s siblings did not survive their childhood. A year before him, his mother gave birth to a boy of the same name, who died after only three months[3] – otherwise the next child would hardly have been given the same name. Like his father, Wilhelm learned pottery and lived in Amalienruh. Unlike his father, who had managed to become a master, he was still a journeyman when he died there at the age of 46.[4]

In a memoir, which can be dated on the year 1907, a potter Sensfuss is mentioned who worked for the estate of the Lehndorffs in Steinort.[5] This was probably Wilhelm’s brother Ernst, who was three years older and a potter in Amalienruh when he married at the registry office in Angerburg in 1906.[6] Probably the older brother had taken over the workshop from the father, who had died in 1892,[7], while the younger one continued to work there as a journeyman. In the Sensfuss family there were many potters besides some innkeepers. Professions, like names, were often passed on from father to sons.

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