Otto Scheimann

Here rests in God


born 16 May 1871.

died 15 Dec 1895.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Scheimanns were a widespread family in the area around Steinort. They were considered “long established” [1]. Members of the family had already been servants of the Lehndorffs at Steinort Castle and in Stobben in 1785.[2]

In 1945, a deputant named Karl Scheimann, a farm worker who was mainly paid for with natural goods, was still living in Labab with his wife Emma. Also in Klein Steinort and Kittlitz there were still Scheimanns at that time.[3]

There is no further information about Otto Scheimann’s short life. Apparently he was neither a son of Leopold and Auguste Scheimann, nor of Wilhelmine Scheimann, who were also buried in the cemetery of Groß-Steinort.


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