Bertha Sensfuss


born 14 Jan 1879

died 28 Febr. 1883.

The father of Bertha Charlotte Sensfuss, Carl Wilhelm Sensfuss, was an innkeeper on the island of Upalten at the time of her birth.[1] The island and the restaurant on it, which Bertha’s father ran together with his wife Wilhelmine (a born Gauer[2]), was a very popular excursion destination at that time. Bertha’s father was last mentioned in 1917 as an innkeeper on Upalten.[3] Afterwards, the restaurant on the island was taken over by Wilhelm Schellbach and his family, who ran it until 1945.[4] Today the inn no longer exists, the island of Upalten is part of a nature reserve.[5]

Bertha died on the island at the age of four. At that time, her father was mentioned as an instmann, a propertyless farm worker.[6]

Bertha had a younger brother named Karl Gustav. He was born on October 8, 1880 also on Upalten. Later he was a merchant in Angerburg, where he married in 1910.[7]

Landing bridge on the island of Upalten between 1905 and 1907

Bildarchiv Ostpreußen,

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