Amalie Liss / Fritz Liss


rests in


our dear mother and brother

Amalie LISS née Waschke *15.2.1841 †3.3.1916

Fritz LISS *9.3.1880 †9.10.1881

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The father of Amalie Liss was Friedrich Waschke from Stawisken, an “Instmann” or landless farm worker.[1] Amalie married Carl Liss from Groß Steinort on 8 November 1867 in Rosengarten.[2] Four years later, Carl had worked his way up to become the master of the stables in Steinort. Carl, possibly born in 1836, was possibly the first son of Friedrich und Louise Liss geborene Piontkowski, who were also buried in the cemetery Groß Steinort. This would at least explain why the local poor Louise and the pensioner Fritz were buried in the cemetery – namely because their son had made a career in the Lehndorff stable.

When his son Fritz died as a toddler in 1881, Carl still held the post of master of the stables.[3] The siblings of Fritz, who had the grave cross for mother and brother erected in 1916, were probably the daughters Carolina and Charlotte Amalie, born in 1868 and 1874, and the sons Gustav, Friedrich Carl and Hermann, who were born in 1871, 1878 and 1882.[4]