Albert Peters



Albert Peters


born. 12 Aug. 1881

died. 1 Sept. 1938

at Gr.-Steinort

Like many members of the Puschke family, two of whom are buried in the same cemetery (Friedrich Puschke and Richard Puschke), Albert Karl Peters was a teacher in Groß-Steinort. However, this profession was not passed on from one generation to the next in his family, as with the Puschkes: his father Johann Peters had been a count’s valet of the Lehndorffs at Steinort Castle, and his grandfather George Lux had been a fisherman in Stobben. The name difference also suggests that Albert’s father may have been an illegitimate child.

Albert was the youngest of six siblings, but at least two of them died as children. He passed his second teacher’s examination in Angerburg in 1906. He taught at an elementary school in Goldap County for 25 years, until the death of Richard Alexander Puschke in 1935 left behind a vacant workplace at the school in his home village. Albert was only able to teach there for almost three years, until he himself died.[1]