Adolf Hagelweide

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born. d. 5. October 1812

died. d. February 23, 1883

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Adolf Hagelweide was a miller, first in Steinort[1] and later in nearby Labab.[2] With his wife Dorothea, neé Albat, he had at least seven children.[3] Dorothea must have been much younger than him, because Adolf Hagelweide was already 57 years old, when his youngest child was born.[4]

His son Hermann Hagelweide also became a miller. After his father’s death in 1884, Hermann was a master miller in Labab.[5]

Probably Adolf Hagelweide did not originally come from the region, because all the Hagelweides there were his children or grandchildren – with one exception called Auguste Wallner, who was born on September 21, 1819 as Auguste Hagelweide and was also buried in the cemetery of Groß-Steinort.[6] It is quite possible that she was Adolf Hagelweide’s younger sister.