Margarete Pernak

Copyright: Sabine Grabowski

Here [rests] in God

our dear […]

Margarete Pernak

* 16.2.1923 † 29.4.1942 [1]

The 19-year-old Margarete Pernak was buried in grave no. 14. It is located opposite the former gate on the other side of the cemetery. She was the daughter of Paul and Auguste Pernak. Besides Margarete, they had four children: Erich, Ida, Hildegard and a daughter whose name is no longer known.[2] Margarete was probably called Grete by her family; this is the name under which she was recorded in the death register.[3] The family probably did not own any land in Königstal. The name Pernak does not appear in the land register files or in the applications for land indemnity (Lastenausgleich).


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