Erika S.

Copyright: Marta Akincza



our [daughter]

and S[chwester]

Erika S[…]

[…] 1.1940 […]

The little angel, pure and tender,

Was spared earthly suffering.

Grave No. 138 is a child’s grave, the border is only 40 cm x 90 cm and made of terrazzo. At the head end there is a pedestal on which a plaque was placed. Two large pieces of the black glass tablet are still preserved, revealing part of the inscription. The child buried here was called by her first name Erika, the surname cannot be reconstructed.[1] Probably the child died very young, the size of the grave and the inscription indicate that.


[1] Also in the death register there is no girl named Erika from Königstal in this period, cf. Sterbeverzeichniss [sic], Standesamt zu Gehsen, Archiwum Państwowe w Olsztynie (APO) 42/1745/1, <>, (last accessed 27.02.2021).