Johann Podworny

Copyright: Daniel Raboldt

Here rests in God

Joh. Podworij [1]

* 12.2.1899

† 26.10.1920

Johann Rudolf Podworny was the son of Jakob Podworny and his wife Anna [2], née Gusek.[3] Apart from Johann, the parents had two other children, both of whom died in infancy.[4] When Johann was twelve years old, his father Jakob died. Johann and his mother Anna inherited the few possessions of his father: a plot of land in Klein Pasken, a “bed with pillow […] body linen and clothes” [5] and a cow. His mother took over the property and undertook to pay Johann a good 600 marks as a father’s inheritance when he came of age.[6] About eight months after his 21st birthday [7] Johann Podworny died.[8] Eighteen years later his mother Anna died at the age of 72 in the Johannisburg district hospital [9] of an “incarcerated hernia”. [10] The property in Klein Pasken was inherited by her niece Berta Wildenhuss.[11] However, she could not keep it for long – in March 1939 a compulsory auction was ordered [12] and a year later the Pasken farmer Wilhelm Podleschny bought it.[13]


[1] Because in all documents about the family the surname is written “Podworny” and the gravestone is the only exception, the text here exceptionally does not follow the spelling of the gravestone.

[2] Usually listed as Anna, she was posthumously named Johanna in the application for registration and certificate of inheritance by her niece Berta Wildenhuss. Cf. for Johanna, Grundakten des Amtsgerichts Johannisburg, Archiwum Państwowe w Olsztynie (APO) 295/2780, sheet 193f.

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[8] Cf. death register [sic], Standesamt zu Gehsen, APO 42/1745/1, sheet 424. In the death register the date of death is entered as 26.09.1920, but on the gravestone it says 26.10.1920.

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