Adolf Nuckelt

Copyright: Daniel Raboldt

Here rests

Ldstm. Adolf Nuckelt

3 Comp. Ldst. Inft. Batl.

Lötzen II. XX – 5

† 14.9.1914

Adolf Nuckelt was born on 09 October 1879 in Dziadowen.[1] During World War I he belonged to the 2nd Landsturm Infantry Battalion Lötzen. His grave is located to the right of the former gate in the center of the cemetery. The grave border is made of concrete, the gravestone in the shape of a cross is made of bright terrazzo. The shape of the cross clearly shows that this is a war grave for a soldier.

Adolf Nuckelt may have died at the Battle of the Masurian Lakes, when German troops succeeded in temporarily liberating Masuria from Russian occupation in September 1914.[2] Another member of the family – Emil Nuckelt – was slightly wounded as a soldier a good two months after Adolf Nuckelt’s death.[3] Unlike Adolf, however, Emil Nuckelt seems to have survived the war.
The family had been residents of Dziadowen since at least 1895. At that time there was a cottager named Friedrich Nuckel in the village,[4] and six years later a carpenter named August Nuckell was also on record. He built a new barn with stable, because the building had been destroyed by fire two years before.[5] In the next years further buildings were newly built and at the latest from 1910 Adolf Nuckelt took over the property.[6] Three years later he enlarged the residential house by an extension [7], only one year after that he died.


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